Sunday, March 30, 2014

How did Leo get an account?

The Citizens Voice is reporting that former city contracted tower Leo Glodzik III, owner of LAG Towing, has a checking account at the (non-related) Wilkes-Barre City Employees Federal Credit Union, that like City Hall, and WBPD, is under Federal Investigation.

Of course the King is saying, he’s clueless, and the credit union, isn’t related to the city at all, even though it’s employees, board members, and likely dishwasher, are either city employees, spouses of city employees, or former city employees, spouses. It’s hard to keep track.

But the important question is, how did Leo get an account at all, with a credit union whose members are employees, or family members of employees of the City.

  • Leo was ONLY a contractor, NOT en employee. 
  • What's next was he on the city's health care, or getting FREE GAS also?

Leo also issued a warning to The Citizens Voice "I'd be careful with what you write. I know none of my titles are involved," Glodzik said Friday after a reporter told him federal agents were looking at officers, loans and him. "That's all rumors. I guarantee none of my titles are there. Not a one."

Well of course the credit union doesn’t have one single title Leo, that’s why their loans are under investigation.

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