Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stifle yourself already!

Without Tony George in attendance at the last council meeting, the other 4 Bobbleheads had an easy time patting each other on the back, while passing a new ordnance aimed at “stifling the public” said Tony George, at Tuesday night’s work session.  “People should be allowed to comment without restrictions,” George said.

WHAT, come on Tony, what if their complaining about a shady deal on the table? We can't have that now can we? But let someone criticize one of the outspoken taxpayers, or that "idiot"with the camera, and that can go uninterrupted for days.

One Bobblehead even took aim at shutting down the YouTuber who video tapes corruption central for those poor stiffs still slaving away to pay for this runaway Government, and can’t make it to a 6 PM council meeting, saying “we have to do something about these videos”.

I guess Mrs Lavelle doesn't like the fact that anyone with an internet connection can watch her Bobble her head in TOTAL agreement at the Kings every command.

Now George Brown wants the city to have their own videos as well, so I guess that one backfired. But in all seriousness there needs to be a live stream, similar to County Council, but keep in mind this is Wilkes Barre City Council, and it’s quite the lively show to say the least. After all we’ve seen folks hauled out in their chairs by the royal guard, squealing, and cussing by outraged taxpayers, and even Santa Clause dropped off a new set of balls for one Bobblehead who has yet to install them, so I don’t think Service Electric will be lining up to air this one, perhaps Showtime, or Cinemax.

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  1. Every able bodied citizen of Wilkes-Barre should attend the Council Meeting of April 10th at 6:00PM to see how 4 of the 5 Council people "cow tie" to the Mayor and vote as they are told, on issues that affect every tax payer in the city. We have a very important vote by council on the creation of two prime lots on the corners of what is presently a dead end at the intersection of Coal St. and Wilkes-Barre Blvd. Under the premise of extending Coal St beyond W-B Blvd. this will create 2 prime corner lots!! The extension will go NOWHERE!! It stops around 200' short of the railroad tracks!! The Mayor says it is only an "easement"??? An easement to what??? The property is tax free, and if anything were ever built on these corners, I can only assume they too would be tax free?? This is like building the famous bridge to nowhere!!!


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