Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Our Leo" says girl was combative

We all know “our Leo” wouldn't hurt a fly, RIGHT? After all this is now the third lady to make such an allegation so it couldn’t possibly have any truth to it.

According to a PFA request filed by Aleksandra O’Donohue, 25, Glodzik attacked her at his Morgan Drive home on the night of April 17, dragging her around by the hair and beating her in the head until she lost consciousness.

But Glodzik insists that O’Donohue’s account of what happened the night of April 17 is entirely false. “It made me look like some kind of maniac. That’s why I’m so glad I phoned the police,” Glodzik said.

  • Trust me here Leo, after everything we've seen you do, this isn't what made you look like “some kind of maniac”!

Glodzik indicates he called an individual officer directly — not via 911

  • Now I don’t know about you but I've attended a slew of Crime Watch Meetings, and have heard several crime prevention officers tell citizens they MUST call 911, and I've also heard the same citizens say they have called the WBPD directly only to be told they need to call 911, and then hung up on. So it strikes me as ODD that “our Leo” could just phone a buddy, and get action.

City Spokes Joke Liza (personal trainer) Prokop wrote to the Times Leader, “As far as your question on standard procedure, the police department always encourages residents to utilize 911 to report incidents — so no, it’s not a standard procedure” to call an officer directly. 

“However, even though the WBPD discourages calls directly to the department, it sometimes happens that people contact the police department to make reports for officers to respond.”

  • Wake Up Liza the WBPD NEVER respond to the non-connected citizen without going through 911

Glodzik says the woman begged him to come pick her up at a local bar and allow her to come over until a friend got out of work to give her a ride. He said it’s common for acquaintances to ask him to be a designated driver at night because of all the late nights he works towing cars.

  • OK so acquaintances know "our Leo" could be a designated driver "because of all the late nights he works towing cars", but wouldn't acquaintances also know that Leo's a tower who hasn't worked in months, since the city was forced to fire him?

Just so I’m following this correctly: 
This is my take on the evens of April 17 
(someone correct me if I've missed something)

"Our Leo" is sitting home alone, with nothing to do, and no one to tow. He gets a call from an acquaintance that needs a ride home, but instead, he is somehow sweet-talked into taking this pretty young thing back to his place. Where (according to the PFA) "He had me (cornered) on the floor in his bathroom,”, then he dragged her around by her hair until she lost consciousness, when she comes too "our Leo" is throwing her out, with the help of his buddies he called directly circumventing 911 (for records purposes I’m sure).

The woman was cited by Leo’s buddies for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, court records show.

  • Go Figure! Would the WBPD even listen to a woman, who was admittedly drinking over the word of such an upstanding citizen like “our Leo”?

Now the woman who filed PFA against Glodzik says her name is 'being drug through the mud'

Our advice, don’t worry about the mud, stand strong, press charges, don’t allow this to happen to anyone else, please remember you are number 3, THAT WE KNOW OF, because the pressure your feeling is what this kind of slime does to ALL its victims!

Also keep in mind that all the mud slingers are currently under FBI investigation.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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