Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gas-Gate on National News - DA Hiding

For those of you (District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis) who thought Gas-Gate would go quietly under the rug, 
  • Think Again!

Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch Coalition President Charlotte Raup has asked Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane to look into why the DA Salavantis is dragging her feet.

  • In all fairness perhaps the DA isn’t dragging her feet, but simply tripping over the Gas-Gate lump in her rug. 

Either way Raup told the Attorney General “The citizens of Wilkes-Barre would like to let you know that corruption did not stop in Luzerne County; It is alive and well,”

With Luzerne County already in the national spotlight with the premier of Kids for Cash Movie, one has to wonder why our child DA would sit on her hands for nearly TWO YEARS? 

Salavantis didn’t return messages seeing comment. A woman who answered the phone in her office Monday referred calls to Wilkes-Barre officials.

  • You’re kidding me RIGHT? 

Let’s see someone swipes something, (for arguments sake let’s say its 18,000 gallons of gas) the DA begins an investigation, and anyone who wants an update on said investigation should ask the alleged thief???

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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