Sunday, August 25, 2013

WB Ordinance Enforcement JOKE???

Wilkes-Barre does not go easy on vacant property owners. At least not on paper.  Said Chris Hong of the Citizens Voice, and Mr. Hong, you are 100% CORRECT!!!

The City of Wilkes Barre under King Lie-A-Ton, is not at all Impartial, Just, or Fair. We pass ordinances to either make less informed citizens Feel Good, or serve the interests of his lordship, and his cronies.

Fact: In 2010 city council passed the vacant property ordinance, and to date, NOT ONE property has been registered. So either the boarded up home next to you does not exist or once again, The King has FAILED!

Municipal Affairs Manager Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin said code enforcement doesn't have enough employees.
Even the Citizens Voice is tired of that same old excuse, as they stated “It's the second lapse code enforcement has blamed on inadequate staffing.”

Get a clue Drew, had you cited these dump owners, the city could have owned, rehabbed, and/or sold them, and increased revenue by now, thus hired more enforcers.

Council Chairman Bill Barrett, and Councilman Mike Merritt sound as though they are getting a bit perturbed as well.

"We at that time thought, and I still think, that we should follow through on this," Barrett said. "I suspected this was going by the wayside in some ways. Eventually, someone is going to get hurt, or one will erupt in fire. I can only imagine having one next to me."
  • Glad to see your Waking up Bill. 

Said he was unaware the city wasn't enforcing it. "If someone feels it's important enough to make it a law, the people should sure as hell enforce it," Merritt said. "If the administration doesn't feel it should be enforced, let's get it off the books. We have too many things not enforced to begin with."

Now onto One-Strike:
An Ordinance that looks to have been designed in order to combat problems like Sherman Hills. Essentially giving the city the power to shut down Hellholes like that before any more innocent children are gunned down.

But according to Mc-Laugh-Lin: If only one unit is at fault, the unit will be shut down and not the entire complex.

How about a complex where Drugs are sold in the hallways, parking lots, and play areas, or a complex where officers who respond to calls for help, leave with bullet wounds, or a complex where innocent children are shot in the face, or neck?
  • Which unit will be closed Drew? 

For those of you who still "Believe", I ask you to please report to Sherman Hills, for routine, daily, safety walks.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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  1. sounds like a baseball game,sherman hills for example,1strike for them,no balls to enforce for us


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