Tuesday, August 13, 2013

King’s Brother Rubber Stamped

As told by the Citizens Voice, It was an unusual move for Toole, who often butts heads with the president's four-man voting block. In casting the decisive vote for Leighton, Toole said it was her "prerogative." When asked by a reporter, Toole also said she was friends with the Leighton family, "but that has nothing to do with (her vote)."

  • Well then that explains it, Right? Not so FAST

"I vote my conscience and I felt he was the best one for the job," she said after the meeting.

  • Now we’ve got it Mrs. Toole, it had nothing to do with your friendship with him or his family, it was likely his qualifications, state certifications, or lack there of???
  • Hum just a thought here, but if your buddies as Toole herself exclaimed, should you NOT abstain from the vote, based on said relationship? 

Board President John Quinn personally took heat Monday for comments he made to The Citizens' Voice after the hiring of the truant officer, in which he said "the kinds of places those people go to, most people wouldn't have the guts to take those kinds of jobs. I wouldn't."

Tracey Hughes, another frequent critic of the board who has a child in the district, called Quinn's comment "ignorant, unethical and very disturbing."

In response, Quinn said he "probably made a mistake" and after the meeting read a prepared statement to reporters. "I didn't mean to harm anybody or show any type of disrespect to anyone. If I offended anyone, I apologize," he said.

  • Oh come-on Tracey "ignorant, unethical and very disturbing." What do you expect from the man who taught Jensen’s  Theory?
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Wake Up Wilkes Barre

BAR Joke:

Ok here goes: A man staggers out of a bar (Liam’s Bar, 760 N. Washington St), let’s call him Jared. A short time later man calls 911, and requests an ambulance for what he reports as “being stabbed in the leg” for not complying with a robbers demand.

PROBLEM: No wound on either Leg at ER??? OK I’ve watched every episode of Heroes, and either Jared is the cheerleader, or he made a false report to 911, but WHY???

What is wrong with this 31 year old, known privileged trouble maker? Being the son of a local magistrate who has been reportedly seen making out with a well-known transvestite at an area bar, and Cruella de Vil, I highly doubt anyone will look into this. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre



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  2. It's a piece of cake. Just take the controls, fly this plane, and we will see about getting your credentials later. The thing being to first get you in the pilots seat.
    Qualifications?? According to "policy" which changes as often as is necessary, YOU don't have to present anything up front like the other candidates, and the voters don't have to know who was on the selection committee. If the Chair does not like the party selected, "Policy" dictates that he/she can select a lesser qualified candidate, period!!!! BAU jus sayin


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