Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parking Garages not just for “Parking your Porsche”

Don’t let it be said that Wilkes Barre doesn’t have a nightlife. In fact our King has worked tirelessly to achieve that said nightlife, attracting one bar after another to the downtown. So much so that he has earned the nickname “Downtown Tommy”.  But alas his lordship's work is paying off, at least in our parking structures that is. Lately they’ve seen more action than the Vegas Strip, yet Hawkeye has seen no evil heard no evil.

Just look at a few recent news reports: 

A woman reported she was raped at the bus station while waiting to catch a bus.
  • Now I’ve heard of killing time waiting on the bus, but this one takes the cake, and “the woman told police she missed her bus and had to wait an hour for another” this is when this scumbag, (with a well connected family) allegedly came up to her (with a kid in tow), and sexual assulted her, did he make the 4 year old watch??? SICK, SICK, SICK... Click here to read: Wilkes-Barre man facing rape charge

Car stolen from Intermodal, and Hawkeye saw NOTHING...

Would be movie goers flee the city never to return. All due to the massive amount of car break-ins in our parking structures.

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