Friday, October 23, 2015

Tony George defends Kids for Cash Judge

Many folks have been asking what did Tony George say, some even defending his actions, but for the sake of argument, lets take a closer look, shall we?
  • From the Times Leader political forum 10/21/2015:
"I did support Mark, Judge Ciavarella for what he did for Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center. When kids came to him, he said if you violate what he says, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll be, in front of me, and that’s exactly what he did. I have no problems with him, with the school because he cleaned up that school, and made it a safe environment for the other students in that school."

Lets reflect:
  • "he said if you violate what he says" Interesting? If you violate what the judge says, not what the law says, then you'll be in front of ME. This is a school resource officer, and former Police Chief.
  • "I have no problems with him" Understandable, and I do get it. Sometime when our friends do something wrong we still see them as friends, and want to offer a lifeline, without thinking about how said lifeline might impact the families who were directly impacted. 
  • "he cleaned up that school" NO doubt, he locked up not only the kids that may have really deserved to be sent away, but anyone who so much as spit a spitball, so I guess you could say that's cleaning it up. 
As we've seen following Kids for Cash, those children who likely just needed guidance, i.e. positive role models, or a little discipline, got painted with a crooked brush of justice, as those who may have truly deserved to be locked up. Let me ask you, think back to when you were in school,
  • Were you perfect? 
  • Did you get in trouble? 
  • Did you use profanity?
  • Smoke? 
  • Skip class? 
  • Even get mouthy? 
Not only did the actions of Mark Ciavarella negatively impact the families/children of Kids for Cash, the financial impact to the taxpayers of Luzerne County via massive lawsuits/settlements, forever tainting Luzerne County nationally/internationally, but what did this scandal do with regards to those "Bad Kids" (as those who are quick to defend Tony George/Mark Ciavarella like to refer to them)?

You know the ones who may have been in court so many times that the judges --- well real judges, may have spoken with so often that they not only know their names, but could likely tell you their eye color without even seeing them. What about the fact that those (again "Bad Kids") now got a FREE PASS, all do to the fact that this greedy/crooked/corrupt judge did the unimaginable to so many, for some of the smallest of infractions?

Now comes a former police chief /current school resource officer/aspiring mayoral candidate Tony George, who STILL TO THIS DAY "has no problem" with what a crooked/sleazy/slimy/greedy judge did, and WHY?, because the actions of that slimy judge seemed to cleaned up that school... 
  • Wait wasn't/isn't that your job Mr. (Slime Defender) George? 
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