Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bobblehead Barrett must GO!

For a while it looked as if several city offices would be filled simply via the outcome of the primary election, without a fall challenger, but thanks to one courageous, hardworking, fighter, we can say "not so fast boys"....

Thankfully in the case of: City Council District D: Bobblehead Bill (I vote with Lie-A-Ton 110% of the time) Barrett, and City Controller Candidate: Darren Snyder, these two men will no longer sit on easy street, skating through the November election unopposed.

According to the Citizens Voice Newspaper: Independent candidate Linda Urban filed nomination petitions at the Luzerne County Election Bureau for her candidacy for City Controller and City Council District D.

  • THANK YOU LINDA: Nobody should EVER run unopposed, for any office! This is America, we should ALWAYS have a choice, and Linda just gave us one, so with that I pray the voters of District D oust that lying, cheating, slimy, closet case, of Lie-A-Ton loving Bobblehead Barrett, who not only swallows, and votes for everything the mayor ever shoves down his throat, but as a former fraud investigator somehow missed the quickie Bait-and-switch, involving his own wife, sued in court, and exposed by the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette: If a legal dispute has no Internet footprint, is it still relevant?
Please don't blindly vote for slime, who truly only cares about themselves, and would blow past you in their convertible without caring that you were being raped, robbed, and/or murdered, by spice heads, in the cesspool of a city they created.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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