Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Four More Years, of Hell

As stated by Wake Up Wilkes Barre months ago, King Lie-A-Ton will seek a 4th term.

Apparently he hasn’t screwed over the taxpayers hard enough yet, or perhaps he found out that a few of you, and you know who you are, simply haven’t felt his wrath yet, so he will require an additional 4 years, to screw you too.

It is rumored that his campaign slogan with change from “Experienced Leadership” to “I need four more years to cover my tracks”.

For those of you who don’t vote for whatever reason, please remember this, without you there are only two types of voters in Wilkes-Barre,

Type One: Those that vote for corruption: Likely because they in some way benefit from this corrupt regime. Examples: Family member works for City, County, School District, or contractor of any of those, or they are simply On The Take themselves.  

Type Two: Those that vote against corruption: Likely because they are good, honest, taxpaying citizens, who are not politically connected, and hate seeing their city become the cesspool it has become under The Lie-A-Ton Regime.  

TRUTH: Unfortunately corruption has the majority, and has for some time. Regardless of the above Type One or Type Two, neither side is able to attract the other side’s voters. Sure there are one or two uninformed voters mixed in who simply don’t know who they are voting for when they go into the polls, but that number is so small it wouldn’t matter how it shifted.

So if we truly want to change Wilkes-Barre we need to Wake Up Wilkes Barre, by getting to the non-voters, and making them understand, that we (Type Two Voters) are outnumbered, and need them to step up, or shut up. They CANNOT just sit and bitch on Facebook, they MUST vote this crooked, lying, gas thieving, tax raising, bastard out of office.

Just a few Lie-A-Ton Highlights:
  • Gas Gate: Mayor Leighton used city owned gas for his personal use, that is still under federal investigation.
  • Security System Gate: Mayor Leighton, and buddy J.J. Murphy had $3,000 home security systems installed in their homes, and billed the city for not only the systems, but the $30 per mo monitoring service (until caught that is)
  • Parking Authority Gate: Mayor Leighton and J.J. Murphy tried leasing out the parking authority for quick cash, that resulted in hundreds of thousands in fees, and an ongoing federal investigation.  
  • Hired his own kids: Mayor Leighton used his summer jobs program to hire his one children on the taxpayers dime.
  • Doubled city debt: The city was nearly $60 Million in debt when Leighton took office as mayor, as of this months refinance the city is now estimated to be over $130 Million and rising. 

Now onto Lie-A-Ton's election strategy 
  • Democratic Primary: Lie-A-Ton vs. Tony George? No contest, so ask your Bobblehead fried George Brown to run, and have him ask his buddy/neighbor Brian Kelly to also run. WHY?  Remember the Two Types? Corruption votes for corruption or in this case Leighton. The others will split between George, Brown, and Kelly, allowing Lie-A-Ton to sail to victory. 
  • November General Election: If Lie-A-Ton is facing a true Republican challenger he would likely encounter a problem, but as luck would have it, Bobblehead Buddy Kelly is (in his words according to the Citizens Voice): "Kelly said he would investigate a possible write-in campaign on the Republican line", Hum, I wonder why?

Mark My Words, and for the love of GOD

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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