Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hawkeye BLIND

One might argue that a security camera couldn’t possible catch every single crime, but how about 300 cameras worth about 7 Millions Dollars that have NEVER caught A SINGLE CRIME????
That is exactly what we have with the multimillion dollar money grab we in Wilkes-Barre know as Hawkeye Security Solutions, the citywide network of worthless cameras, but don’t take my word for it, research any case, and you’ll find that if video was produced it was from private security cameras, NOT Hawkeye, even in cases where a much more expensive Hawkeye camera was right next to a less expensive private working camera.

The latest proof of the Hawkeye Money Pilfering Scheme is evident, on Friday night, when some nut went on a rampage, damaging 40 cars, and taking out the windows at the Times Leader Newspaper building all within sight of several cameras, as reported by the Times Leader.

Per the Times Leader "Despite city surveillance cameras at nearly every downtown intersection, city police said Monday they have no suspects in a vandalism spree that damaged at least 40 vehicles and windows at The Times Leader printing facility, all within 300 yards of the city police department." 

Need I say more?

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