Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DuhSoye out

For those of you who didn’t quite believe the news when it was first reported by The Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette we @ WUWB would like to point out that they (the Gazette) were 100% CORRECT once again….

In fact we haven’t been able to locate a story where they were wrong….

But I digress, let’s move on to the story at hand, DuhSoye is leaving WBPD, for greener pastures at Kings College. A position likely bribed and paid for via all the tax FREE property Kings has been able to acquire under this unbelievable regime. 

As I recall when the Gazette first broke this story, just last Tuesday 8/26/14, neither the Mayor (King Lie-A-Ton) nor the Thief of Police would confirm the story.

In fact the Mayor said:

Mayor Thomas Leighton said today he has not received a resignation letter from Dessoye, nor has Dessoye spoken to him about leaving.

  • “As of today, Aug. 27, I do not have a resignation letter,”

King Lie-A-Ton’s talking head, City spokeswoman Liza Prokop was also unaware of the situation, and said there is nothing she could confirm as of this morning.

Even the Thief of Police himself went into hiding, as the Times Leader reported on Friday 8/29/14 “Wilkes-Barre Police Chief Gerard Dessoye won’t talk about possible departure”, Dessoye even issued a NO comment through city spokeswoman Liza Prokop, per the Times Leader.

Yet today Lie-A-Ton issues a press release saying DuhSoye will be gone by September 14, 2014, goodness did he even give you a TWO WEEKS notice?

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