Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Wait and See Approach?

At Tuesday Night’s City Council work session King Lie-A-Ton told city council that yes the owner of the city's exclusive towing contract Leo Glodzik is a convicted thief, and yes the arbitrator ruled that the city could FIRE Our Leo the second he was found guilty but were going to wait and hope that Leo can weasel out of this mess somehow, and when, or if he does the city will take him back with open arms.

The Times Leader reported: Leighton reported to council regarding the city’s contract with LAG Towing, which has been suspended. He said LAG owner, Leo A. Glodzik, was found guilty in his court case and has filed an appeal.

Leighton assured council that Glodzik and his company no longer work for the city, but any final decision should be made at the end of the legal process.

  • Hello Lie-A-Ton per the contact, arbitrator, and laws of this Commonwealth you are JUSTIFIED in firing your boy-toy….

So don’t insult the intelligence of your Bobbleheads, nor the citizens of our shattered city, (thanks to the havoc you and your buddy Leo have unleashed on its residents and guests), by saying you’re waiting for the end of the legal process to arrive, when it has months ago, and by the way the District Attorney believes that the judge may deny Glodzik’s appeal, and then what?

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Just this morning FBI raided LAG


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