Friday, March 25, 2016

Loose Chief of Police, TROUBLE says Union!

According to yesterday's Citizens Voice Newspaper, Union leaders forwarded a letter to Mayor Tony (The Phony) George, blasting his choice for police chief, Marcella Lendacky, on behalf of the members of the Wilkes-Barre Police union, and although the letter had been designed as a last-ditch plea to George to reconsider his promotion of Lendacky,  “It’s our belief her swearing in was a preemptive attempt to get ahead of this letter,” said union leaders.

In The Letter:
  • Lendacky has created a “toxic” work climate at police headquarters to the point rank-and-file officers lost faith in her and dread coming to work.
Come on union people, just because she leaked all your business to Wake Up Wilkes Barre over the past several years does NOT make her "toxic", or does it?
  • A majority of us have given her a chance throughout her career. We know who she truly is. We know her lack of ability and we know the internal and external destruction that our department will face.
Okay so you knew she was the loose lipped Lendacky....
  • Since Lendacky became chief, community policing efforts have been eliminated, preventing officers from consistently working the same beat and getting to know the people in the neighborhood, the letter said. Another change, the letter claims, is that two members of the Neighborhood Strike Team — previously assigned to high-crime areas — now follow the city street sweeper to alert illegally parked cars to move.
OK, this one here is all councils fault.... They wouldn't allow mayor George to raise taxes to cover all his political payback positions he created the second he was sworn in, so now he forced into creative fundraising in order to keep the city solvent. 
  • Lendacky has even told officers to “stay out of” the troubled Sherman Hills Apartments complex “because they don’t pay taxes.
In other words, you POOR bastards are worthless. Indigent people aren't worthy of police protection... 
  • The letter notes at least six grievances have been filed against Lendacky and that she was subject to several formal complaints, including one by an officer who is a minority who accused her of “inappropriate, offensive comments.
So she's a racist bitch also?
  • The union’s letter made it a point to note that their complaints have nothing to do with Lendacky being the first woman police chief in the city’s history. Lendacky is one of only three women in the department.
  • “We take offense to this,” the letter says, noting many officers served under female supervisors without a problem in other departments and in the military. “Having a female in charge of the police department is not offensive or even novel to many of us.”
  • The letter ends with a request for George to appoint a “true leader” instead of Lendacky.
So we know the letter isn't sexist, and mayor George's response?
  • “They are going to have to get used to her being chief. I’m not changing my mind,” George said....
Well there you have it folks, all I can say: WAKE UP WILKES BARRE, you voted for this ass.


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