Sunday, March 8, 2015

King Lie-A-Ton won’t be chased out…

Rumors began circulating on Facebook so the Times Leader, in an attempt to end speculation, ran a news story: Leighton intends to stay on until end of the year.

The Times Leader wrote “Despite widespread community speculation to the contrary, Mayor Tom Leighton says he will stay in office until his term ends”

  • Didn’t we hear similar rhetoric from the judges?

Lie-A-Ton also told the paper “he has no knowledge he is the subject of a reported federal investigation.”

But in the same article District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis sought assistance from federal authorities in the fuel investigation. “I’m waiting for the FBI to conclude their investigation,” Salavantis said Friday. “Once that is completed we will be discussing it.”, all stemming from Leighton being photographed the morning of May 25, 2012, pilfering fuel into a sport utility vehicle at the Department of Public Works yard. He admitted that he did not fill out fuel logs, but contends he used the gasoline while doing city business. 

  • So how could the all-knowing mayor not know the  District Attorney sought assistance from federal authorities in the fuel investigation.
  • Perhaps he lying?

“I fully intend to fulfill my obligations to the city and the residents,” Leighton said.

  • So based on that statement we can expect Lie-A-Ton will be issuing a check for the missing gas, paying back his children’s salaries, returning the security system at his house, reimbursing the taxpayers for monitoring service, returning all the kickback, and bribes (AKA campaign contributions from city contractors) he took over the years, purchasing soap on a rope, and enjoying his stay in the BIG HOUSE.

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