Monday, February 13, 2017

Taxpayers on the ropes, the HR Director's never seen!

The Times Leader Newspaper is reporting: Wilkes-Barre mayor says city paying for outside help to ‘break in’ HR director!

A former Luzerne County employee has been working for the city, teaching its human resources director the ropes until she can do the job, budgeted at $72,100 a year, Mayor Tony George said.

Jack McCutcheon, who retired from the county’s Human Services Department as a human resource analyst, works part-time without benefits. His hours are capped at 25 a week and he’s paid between $25 and $30 an hour, the mayor said Monday.

The mayor said city HR Director Nicole Ference does not have experience negotiating contracts and described McCutcheon’s role as “breaking her in.”

So the questions for Mayor Phony Gorge are:
  • Isn't this the same job your daughter once held?
  • $72,100 in a city where the average household income is $40,000 seems a bit high for someone who's clueless don't you think? 
  • Why didn't you just hire someone who was capable of doing the job? 
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